ProductionPro offers you a wealth of experience in media packaging and fulfillment. Ranging from simple envelopes to complex, multi-component kits, we have produced and assembled projects from a single One-Off to Multi-Million piece runs. We custom-tailor each concept to maximize use of materials for cost-effectiveness while maintaining the highest quality in the finished product. With over 20 years experience, we bring a depth of knowledge unrivaled in the industry.
Mail Fulfillment
•Ink Jet Address Block Imaging
•Continuous and Cut Sheet Folding
•Mechanical Inserting of up to 12 Pieces
•Wafer Sealing, Label Affixion
•Unique Data Discs at First Class Rates
•Letters, Flats, Self-Mailers, and Booklets
Kit Packaging
• Hand Assembly and Kitting
• Shrinkwrapping
• Pick and Pack Fulfillment
• Specialized Pieces
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